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Cultural Experiences of International Students in Spain

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Today we are supposed to give several examples of websites and blogs that have different levels of adaptability within them.  I am translating the definitions from Spanish to English, so this may seem a bit confusing.  It IS, in fact, a bit confusing to me.

We are focusing on:

Control- The capacity of the user to alter or regulate the system.  You can become your own MandM using the MandM website.  You are able to manipulate the controls to change the color, body shape, and accessories of an MandM to suit your personal style.

Feedback- The ability of the user to manipulate the site, or user comments to be used by the site.  On Amazon the website uses customer feedback to give the buyer more information.  For example, when buying a book on Amazon, the website updates you with information regarding others who bought the same book.  It will tell you how satisfied they were with that book, as well as other books they bought.  After purchasing something, you, as a buyer, are asked for feedback to improve the site: how well you liked the product, how likely you would be to purchase the product again, how satisfied you were with the shipping of the product, etc.  This information is then given to new potential buyers browsing the website.

Productivity- The website´s ability to expand upon useful materials.   Banco de Sonidos y imagines is a website in which you can search and download different images, sounds, videos and animations.  This can be useful on your own webpages or projects.  On this site you may also share images, sounds and videos of your own with others.

Creativity- The users ability to generate something origional, artistic, or curious.  Photofunia is a website that allows the user to paste thier own photos into already generated images.  The website belnds the photos together in such a way that it can appear as if your own face is on, say, the dollar bill or a postage stamp.  The site is fun to use and the results can be funny.

Adaptability-  The users ability to personalize the page based on likes and dislikes.  Spotify is an online radio station in which the user is able to find and play thier favorite songs, use those songs to find other similar songs,

Communication- The capacity of the page to facilitate finding people, dialog between people and exchange of photos, information etc. allows Americans to easily connect with classmates from elementary, middle school, high school and college.  Using the database you can do a search on the city, name of the school and year of graduation.  You can upload photos, as well as post information about reunions and gatherings.


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September 24, 2009 at 6:29 PM

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