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Cultural Experiences of International Students in Spain

Análisis del especial multimedia San Fermines 2003 de El Mundo.

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Every student who comes to Pamplona for an exchange program knows of the city’s transformation in July from a quiet university town into a mad mass of people celebrating San Fermines. The week-long festival’s history and customs are presented in this Multimedia Document, which also gives the reader advice on how to get around the city.

The document is separated into six sections: Los carteles de la Feria del toro, Crónicas de encierros y corridas, Encierros de ataño, El juego de San Fermin, Para conocer el recorrido, and Un paseo por Pamplona.

The crónicas section provides a calendar of the events, both the encierros and the corridas.



Encierros de ataño is a photo gallery with text that accompanies each picture. The user can jump from any of the twelve pictures in the gallery to any other.

Encierro de ataño

Encierro de ataño

The next section, El juego de San Fermin, is exactly what the name implies. The game involves avoiding the bulls that are coming in from the right. It’s harder than it sounds…

El juego de San Fermin

El juego de San Fermin

The next section is an interactive map of the path the bulls follow in the runs. It is a slideshow that allows the user to move both forward and backward, but only to the next photo. These ten slides offer advice on running in the corridas.

El recorrido

El recorrido

The last section is a simple guide of Pamplona. It highlights the places to visit during one’s stay in the capital of Navarre. But we all know that when one comes to Pamplona at the beginning of July, it’s hardly for tourism or for trying the different kinds of foods…

This document does not use any real-time updating system (RSS) or Web 2.0 features. Despite being published over 5 years ago, the rules of running in front of a 1500 lbs. angry bull haven’t changed and the document’s usefulness remains.

There are many other pages that speak of San Fermines due to its high notoriety around the world. I haven’t, however, been able to find any other multimedia document quite like the one described in this post.


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October 15, 2009 at 6:55 PM

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