They speak Spainish in Spain.

Cultural Experiences of International Students in Spain

Analysis of multimedia special on ¨Getting to know Spain¨

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As you surf the web, you encounter many types of pages which help you see things in different ways. With good help from different types of multimedia, the expression of the information being presented can be quite varied. Sometimes you can find slideshows of pictures resuming a baseball game, or a video of the latest speach the president has given. Today I have come accross a website which helps you get to know about spain in a very efficient and easy way, whilst remaing on one site. This site is an excellent example of how to use various types of multimedia in one page.

When you first open the page you see 9 options or links. The options include: videos, photo galeries, graphics, audios, locutions, panoramic photos, guides features, and street plans.


In the ¨videos¨ option you can get a few videos on some different topics including cities, towns, villages, arquitecture, coasts and beaches, fiestas and traditions, food and routes. The videos range in between 2 and 30 minutes. In  the ¨photo galleries¨ you get to take a look at pictures dealing with sports, nature, cities, towns, beaches, cultural events, food and some of the same topics as in the videos.


Under ¨graphics¨ you get to see an amazing interactive map and different types of tour routes you might want to take through 7 of spains major cities.

barca new

In ¨audio¨ you can listen to the most typical sounds of the country and animals. In ¨locutions¨ you can enjoy listening to commentaries on open spaces, museums, monuments,  and traditional ´fiestas´.  In ¨panoramic photos¨ you find full 360º views of cities, beaches, and the most important arquitectural works found in Spain. In ¨guides¨ you get perfect, and very extensive pamphlets on the regions, cities and beaches of Spain.

alicante.psdpage 2

Under ¨features¨ you can find small reports on Spain´s geography. And finally under ¨street plans¨ you can find precise maps of 39 different cities in Spain.

Overall this is a great website to tour while your at home, or even to prepare and plan a real tour of all of these places. The website is very simple and easy to use and has quality information, pictures, and guides to help you with whatever you need. Now go check it out, and plan your dream trip.


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October 15, 2009 at 7:32 PM

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