They speak Spainish in Spain.

Cultural Experiences of International Students in Spain

Arthur Frommer

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Arthur Frommer’s name is easily recognizable from the hundreds of travel books he has written, and mllions trust his name when planning trips on a budget.




Frommer was born in 1929 and grew up in the height of the Great Depression. He was drafted into the American army during the Korean War and was posted in Europe. Drawing from his experiences in the armed forces, Frommer published in 1955 The GI’s Guide to Europe. It was the first of many travel books he would publish; two years later he would publish a civilian version of the book, titled Europe on 5 Dollars a Day. Though no easy feat, he managed to duplicate the success of his first publication; he would continue to travel and write travel guides, over the years publishing over 350 titles.


Each of his publications covers a distinct country or city; different countries call for a book oriented towards different goals, just as changing social and economic situations call for an adaptation of the themes the book deals with. In this interview, Frommer admits to adapting to the distinct economic landscape we have seen during the crisis, and this attitude has been a large part of his success. In keeping with that attitude, the author offers advice for traveling during the crisis in the following video:

Frommer’s books remain great ressources for the traveler for their portability. For those not willing to buy them, however, the author’s website is a legitimate, if not more comprehensive, alternative.

Guide to Spain

Guide to Spain

It includes everything from trip ideas, to hotel suggestions, to deals, and even to Frommer’s blog.  


1. Of all the places you’ve visited, which one would you most recommend for a student on a budget?

2. Part of studying abroad is always traveling; how and to where would you suggest an exchange student in Spain travel?

3. What places do you recommend avoiding?

4. Your opinion on an issue many students ponder over: Is it better to spend your entire vacation in one place to soak in everything there is to see or to go as quickly as possible from one place to the next to see as many sights as possible?

5. How much do you believe traveling has changed because of the trend of globalization seen in recent times?


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