They speak Spainish in Spain.

Cultural Experiences of International Students in Spain


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1. Control – Gmail

Gmail allows its users to change (control) the language and background and settings of their page.

2. Feedback – YouTube

YouTube is a video sharing website on which users can upload and share video. It lets you post videos which can be seen by anyone and because of the high traffic on the site you get all sorts of responses and reactions (feedback) to things that you post.

3. Productivity – Google Calendar

Google Calendar helps you keep track of life’s important events, (productively) all in one place. You can share your calendar with family and friends, you can access it from your mobile phone, and you can set up reminders so you never miss another appointment.

4. Creativity – Nike ID

Nike ID is a website which allows people to choose colors, customize designs and use their creativity to design their own shoes and clothing and delivers them directly to the consumer.

5. Adaptivity  – MySpace

MySpace is a social networking site which lets you almost completely customize your homepage, unlike Facebook.

6. Communication – Facebook

Facebook is also a global social networking site. It allows you to keep in touch with family and friends all over the world, as well as post unlimited pictures and videos.


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October 23, 2009 at 2:05 PM

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