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List of Practicas and Articles

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1- Delicious Account

2- The Group Blog

3- Interactivity

4- Diagram of a website

5- Multimedia Presentation

6- Analysis of a Multimedia Special

7- RSS Feeds


Blog Posts:

1- First Thoughts

2- Related Blogs and Websites

3- Where Are the Real Sports? The Downside of Erasmus in Spain

4- Related Podcasts and Videoblogs

5- Arthur Frommer


10 Things I Learned With This Blog

1- RSS Feeds – I kept seeing the symbol and the name around the net, but I never took the time to figure out what it was on my own. Finally I know.

2- Widgets – Another name I kept seeing around without ever figuring what it meant. Another good thing to finally know.

3- Blogging – It goes without saying, I learned a lot about blogging. I learned how to elaborate my own and how to surf for others; I can’t say I’m now hooked to blogging, but if I ever need to navigate through them again, I’ll know how.

4- Links – I’d seen links everywhere already. But before I hadn’t ever realized the importance of links in an online article; they are fundamental. 

5- Blogging can be influential and interesting just as it can be useless and boring – For every blog worth reading, there are probably two worth being deleted. But that’s the beauty of blogs; the author can write about whatever he wants, and no one can force him to delete it. And the worst part? Somebody will always read it anyway.

6- Delicious, Google Docs, Bubble – All three are useful sites I had never even heard of beforehand. Now I know about them. And I even know how to use them. That could come in handy.

7- How to hit a deadline – I posted the majority of my work after 11pm on the day of the deadline. You could argue it’s either good or bad time management. I say it’s both. Either way, I learned to hit a deadline, and do it just barely as well.

8- The value of written expression and not losing my English – It’s one thing to think or speak, but putting those thoughts into writing is always more difficult. I owe our teacher Rubén one for allowing us to write in English; it’s helped me practice my written English so that I don’t completely lose it.

9- The Web 2.0 – All those websites we’ve all been using turn out to have a name. I know it now, and I’ve had first-hand experience with it. Now I can see features of the Web 2.0 everywhere, and I know – or at least have an understanding of – the use of them.

10- It’s useful to know all these things – In the world we live in today, where the internet is the go-to medium of communication, it is important to learn what we have in this class. 



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Outline of work and 10 things learned

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The following are the links for the 7 ‘practicas’ we have done so far:

1. Delicious account

2. WordPress blog

3. Interactivity

4. Hypertext Diagram – emailed to Profesor Ruben Gonzalez

5. Multimedia Presentation

6. Analysis of Multimedia Special

7. Feed Reader


The following are the links for the 5 weekly articles we have done so far:

1. First thoughts

2. Comparing our blog to others

3. Erasmus in Spain – parties at another level

4. Related Podcasts and Vlogs

5. Interview with Michael Douglas


10 things I have learned from this blog:

1. The Blog world is huge. Just today there were 251,292 people accessing wordpress. 153,877 new posts. 207,245 new comments. 39,858,794 words written today on wordpress. And I remind you that WordPress is not the only blogging site..

2. Not only is the blog world huge but it is extremely broad as well. You can write about anything you want and someone in the world will read it. (Our group blog had over 200 hits) You can also search for any type of blog and I’m sure you’ll find something along those lines. (google’s blog search)

3. I learned that news today is a lot different than what it was before. Now anyone can write whatever they want and it can be read by absolutely anyone in the world. We are now in an age of  ‘social media’.

4. I have learned how to successfully use and place different types of links. (permalinks, hyperlinks etc.)

5. I have learned to take screen shots with a normal PC. Before I didn’t know you could. I could only do it with my Mac and its cool keyboard functions.

6. I have learned how to make a blog post interesting and appealing by the use of images, videos and other types of multimedia. 

7. I had already heard of Podcasts but I learned what Vlogs are with the 4th weekly article. I had never heard of them before.

8. I learned how to place widgets use blogrolls and how usefull they are.

9. I learned what an RSS feed is and how to subscribe to one.

10. I learned how to use Google Docs, Google Reader, Bubble, WordPress and Delicious. All websites and programs which are extremely useful.



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