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Cultural Experiences of International Students in Spain

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First Thoughts

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Well as I arrived a few weeks late to this class I was not involved in the decision-making of the blog´s topic. Luckily I’m a good friend of Gabe and Andrea and I know exactly what they were thinking. I am also an american citizen studying my career abroad and it is a big change. Let’s face it, life in Spain is quite unlike life in the States.

First of all we have the ´siesta´ from 2 to 4. Which sometimes can mean 1.30 to 5. Oh yeah, and don´t forget that government offices and banks dont open at all after 2. This basically means that everything closes and you cant do anything other than eat, sleep, or watch TV. Then we have the amazing customer service which I dare not critisize.

Football is probably one of the most popular things in Spain, but watch out what jersey you have on because depending on what city you’re in, you might get killed. There’s no such thing as the late-night menu so you can forget about taco bell or any fastfood after midnight because its all closed. Get used to kebabs.

The one thing the spaniards are good at is partying. Clubs here close at 7 in the morning on a saturday night, sunday morning. They say that we americans drink more but sometimes between botellon and the all-night parties, I must beg to differ.


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October 23, 2009 at 6:56 PM

First Thoughts

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To choose the theme for our blog, Andrea and I had to find something we had in common. Sports didn’t quite do it (except Ultimate Frisbee) and we decided instead to go with something more intellectual but just as interesting and entertaining.

The experience of being an international student is, after all, both fun for the student himself and amusing for the local seeing him (or her) struggle; from our problems with the language, to our shock (and often anger) at seeing stores open late and close early (where’s the 24-hour drive-thru?), and our love of cultural staples like the siesta, our experience in Spain has been difficult, gratifying, frustrating, and enjoyable; it’s been a learning experience where I’ve made great friends.

It’s a subject that is easy for us to write about, seeing as we are writing about a situation in which we are immersed. It is relevant in that it provides a personal perspective on living in a different culture, something that gains more and more relevance as our world becomes more and more multi-cultural. We will write about our experiences in this culture that, while not so different from our own, has many striking contrasts; we will provide personal anectodes and opinions on certain aspects of these experiences; we will gather input from other international students. In all, this blog will try to give a well-rounded view of our experience here in Spain as international students.

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September 21, 2009 at 11:22 AM