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Class 3 – Interactivity

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1 – Control – Google

Google allows the user to first select his or her preferred language. By clicking on Search Settings, the user can also decide on settings for the search language,  search filtering,  and the number of search results per page.

This preference page is a typical example of control interactivity in that it allows the user to select his settings.

2 – Feedback – Turbo Chef

This website, an advertisement for the Turbo Chef oven, allows the user to navigate through the website clicking on different types of foods. After a rather long loading time, an infomercial-like video appears in which a chef prepares the food selected. Once it is in the oven, the user can click around to see just how this oven works. From my sniffing around, it appears the Turbo Chef can cook foods up to 15 times faster than regular ovens. Arrows on  both sides of the screen allow the user to browse through the various features of the high-tech oven, each one coming with seemingly more information than the next.

3- Productivity – Amazon

Amazon allows the user to search for and buy products. This website is most known for selling books, but we can find anything from watches and solar chargers to frisbees and yoyos to pet food and costumes.  These products are often hard to find, and often come cheaper when ordered through Amazon. The sellers are also highly dependable. The one catch: high shipping prices. A $10 item can cost $6 in shipping. The trick is then to combine orders, since often orders of over $25 come with free shipping.

4- Creativity – Simpsonize Me

In principle an advertisement for Burger King, this website combines two oh-so compatible loves of so many: The Simpsons and burgers. Here, the user uploads a portrait picture of himself. He is then ”simpsonized”: his skin turns yellow, his eyes get bigger, his teeth get whiter, and his smile wider. The user can then adjust all his facial features, from his hair, to his eyebrows, to his nostrils, to his facial hair; he can also add accessories, including sunglasses and hats.

5- Adaptability – Pandora

Pandora is a radio utility that allows the user to find and play music similar to his taste. A station is created when the user enters one music group of his liking; the station is in principle a playlist of songs similar to the songs of the first group. The Music Genome Project, the engine at the heart of Pandora, analyzes songs based on harmonies, voices, instrumentation, rhythm, and other characteristics. Using its analysis, it can find other songs similar to the first and create playlists, or stations, in the liking of the user.

6 – Communication – Tuenti

The Spanish Facebook, Tuenti follows in Facebook’s footsteps and connects people together. Although the social networking site’s influence has not quite reached outside of Spain yet, it allows users to share messages and pictures, and a recently-added chat function allows users to communicate in real time.


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