They speak Spainish in Spain.

Cultural Experiences of International Students in Spain

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It seems we’re not the only one not only studying abroad but also writing about it. A quick search either on Google or on WordPress yields a number of results. One blog discusses studying abroad in general, while another discusses Spanish culture compared to American culture; one website presents advice for studying abroad, while another is a resource to help students find programs for studying abroad.

It’s not easy coming to a foreign country, immersing yourself into a new culture; for this reason, blogs like Study Abroad and International Exchange offer advice on studying and living in a foreign country. This blog includes a large number of blog posts (and has received over 1,500 views) and its Links Page offers a long list (so long that it spills over to a second page) of websites filled with material pertinent to a student looking to study abroad; it includes websites with information and applications for exchange programs, websites with job offers for international students, websites with advice for exchange students, and websites for language classes, to name a few. 

Viva España is a much less professional blog, one created by the author to keepher  friends and relatives up to date on her year abroad in Spain. Turns out she will be studying in Pamplona as well, but in the public university. Some of her experiences and observations are reminiscent of my own, and her blogroll offers interesting and helpful websites about traveling and studying abroad. This blog is of special interest to me in that the author is in a situation similar to my own, and the blog is also similar to my own.

SpainExchange is the most complete website I’ve found in terms of advice and help for students on an exhchange program in Spain. It involves everything from academic programs to housing services to travel advice. It also includes an impressive search section that allows the user to find programs for students studying abroad by country, city, and area of study.

Finally, The International Education Site is a resource for searching that, in its own words, is a guide to study abroad information, advice and opportunities for students worldwide who are considering studying overseas. Including university advice, college search facilities, student profiles, and articles from the leading journals on international education. The website puts a number of resources at the user’s disposition for finding the right exchange program for him: the College Search, the Course Center (which provides articles on studying abroad), and the Living and Learning Section. All in all, it is another useful and complete resource for any student examining his options for an exchange program.


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September 30, 2009 at 11:22 PM