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Some Arise and 10 Things I Learned

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Andrea Holm: The following articles are ones that I have written throughout the course of the Semester in Multimedia Communications Class.

September 17, 2009          About

September 19, 2009          Spainish Initial Thoughts

September 24, 2009         Class Assignment

September 30, 2009         Does this Blog Already Exist in the Blogosphere?

October 8, 2009                 Is Anyone really Old in Spain?

October 14, 2009              I podcast, Do you Vlog?

October 15, 2009              Infographic

October 22, 2009              Is there such a thing as a professional ex-pat?

10 Things I have learned in the creation of Spainish…

1.  I learned what the heck are Widgets.

2.  I learned how to use RSS feeds.  This has always been very mysterious to me.

3.  The blogosphere is humongous… and growing.  And the more you look, the more you will find.  I learned that there are many more resources for Ex Patriots then I had imagined.  I even found one that is just for women!

4.  Blog upkeep is difficult.  Writing sufficient entries, maintaining comments, and keeping up with your network of blog-buddies is not unlike a full time job.

5.  I learned the importance of hyper-linking.  Connecting to data, research, interesting people through hyperlinks is one of several things that can make a blog such an interesting mode of communication.

6.  Edit. Edit a lot.  And double check your sources.   Mistakes in a blog immediately make it appear to be unprofessional.  The Blog Herald agrees with me.

7.  If you write it, they will come. This is even more true if you write it well.  Having something published online really does mean millions of people have access to you.  Our blog, whom we told almost nobody about, written for a class already has 292 hits.

8.  Blogs can be extremely influential.  The Huffington Post is a great example of an extremely influential blog.

9.  How to network. And that networking can really improve the hits on your personal blog.  We already have one blog-buddy on our blogroll!

10.  Once in, there is no way out. Now that I have begun blogging, and reading related blogs, and getting tweets about blog articles, I’m hooked.


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October 31, 2009 at 10:08 PM